The enclosures come in different sizes and equipment configurations depending on the beach profile, tidal range and weather conditions. A complete service, including site investigation, installation, training and service, is supplied.

The Net

The netting acts as the physical and deterrent barrier to the Box Jellyfish which are good swimmers and avoid obstacles and entrapment wherever possible. The air inflated boom provides the support and a continuous chain along the lower edge keeps it in contact with the seabed.

The different lengths of the enclosures provide a swimming area up to 100 metres along the beach and up to 100 metres out to sea. Flat beach profiles and larger tidal ranges require the longer nets. Very popular sites require the wider nets.

Fixed System

The fixed system has a net which is installed in a fixed position. An anchor is attached at each corner and ground anchors are attached to the ends on the beach at high water level. The fixed systems are usually in continuous operation for the entire season.

Full System

The full system uses the same net and anchors but incorporates an electrically powered hydraulic winch unit which is used to adjust the position of the net during the tidal cycle each day.

The winch unit also enables rapid and easy removal of the net for rough weather, cyclones, cleaning and service. This system allows for use on beaches which are calm enough most of the time, but where net removal becomes necessary during strong winds or flooding.

The Service

The service is provided to local Councils on an all inclusive long term hire basis, typically 5 years. From our base in Cairns, we are able to service each installation on a regular basis. If damage occurs which cannot be fixed on site quickly, a replacement enclosure is installed within a few days.

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